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Video poker tips and strategies

Video poker tips and strategies We have written quite a bit about video poker to get everyone started in this entertaining casino game, from how to play video poker to different variants of the game, but today we will take it a step further and list some of the most popular video poker tips to help the play succeed. As always, our casino guides would apply not only to the internet casinos, but the land-based casino, as well. And while video poker is rather straightforward game, there are still some tips and tricks, so to say, certain things you can do to improve your chance of winning when playing this very popular casino game.

 We are going to start with the tried and true, the maxim of video poker, namely – always bet the max wager possible. Most video poker machines have five levels of wager, most often referred to as “coins”. These are the familiar 1 through 5 coins you can wager at nearly all simple video poker machines. The rule of max bet here refers exactly to those coins, in other words you should always play all 5 coins when at the video poker machine. The reasoning behind this rule is simple. If you take a look at the payout table of any video poker machine you will undoubtedly see that the top prize in the max bet column is much larger in proportion to the rest. For example, the payout of a Royal Flush for 1 coin bet could be 250, for 2 coins 500 for 4 coins 1,000, but if you make the max bet the payout for the Royal Flush would be not 1,250 as you would expect from the progression of coins 1 through 4, but 4,000 times your bet instead! Of course, Royal Flush doesn't come often in video poker, but when it does, you want to get the 4,000 prize instead of the 1,000 if you only bet 4 coins instead of the max five.

 And while we are on the Royal Flush and the probabilities, now it's time to mention the next of the tips – every single video poker hand is chosen at random, every time you place a bet and deal the cards. This means that the Royal Flush can come at any time, literally, and there is nothing built into the machine that would prevent a player getting two Royal Flush prizes in a row. Nothing but the odds and probabilities of this to happen, of course. The same randomness of the cards being dealt in video poker also applies to the fact that there are no streaks when playing this casino game, whether hot or cold. So don't chase losses thinking that the machine is due for a big win. It just doesn't work like that.

 Another good video poker tip is to look for the machines which offer the double-up feature and chose those instead of the basic video poker machines. The double-up let's the players chose if they want to risk and double up the winnings from a hand (most often by choosing a card out of four and if that card is bigger than the one drawn by the machine - you win) or simply collect them. While the double-up video poker feature is not for everyone, it's a good option to have, if you want to get some blood flowing through your veins with this risk feature. Some video poker machines have limits on how many times you can successfully double up, while others will let you go until you either collect or lose.

 And if you prefer to play video poker at the internet casinos, it's always a good idea to try the free version of the video poker machine you are interested in, before risking real money. This way you can take a look at how the machine plays, what are the options and winning combinations, etc. Since the free-play and real money video poker machines are literally the same, you can get a pretty good feeling about how the video poker machine will play when you invest some real money.

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