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Video Poker Variations: Most popular video poker game variants

 With the popularity of video poker come the different variations of the game, thought out by the casinos in order to keep people interested. This is quite beneficial for the players themselves, since the more variations of video poker there are, the more options of winning when playing. Here we will take a quick look at the different video poker game variations, along with pictures of them and a brief explanation of the differences between the variants of video poker. The video poker machines pictured here are available for play at Bovada Casino.

 We will start with the most common variant of video poker, which one can find at ever land or internet casino in the world:

 Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better

 This is the basic variant of the game on which all other video poker variations are based. You can learn how to play the Jacks or Better in this guide. Next comes the:

 Joker Poker

Joker Poker variation

 This variation of video poker is certainly giving the Jacks or Better one the run for its money. It's basically the same, but with the addition of a Joker, which substitutes for any card. This makes for more options of winning, but at the same time, the payout of some hands is reduced. For example, the Jacks or Better above pays out 2 to 1 for a "3 of a Kind", but when playing Joker Poker, the payout for the same hand is only even money, because of the Joker. At the same time, new hands, such as 5 of a Kind, are added to the pay table.

 Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild variation

 In this video poker variation, the 2s (deuces) take the role of the Joker from the previous example, i.e. the are wild cards and can substitute for any card to make the highest possible payout hand, effectively giving the player four Jokers or wild cards to work with. As such, some of the winning hands are discarded (for example, you can see there is no Pair or 2 Pairs on the pay table above) and other winning hands pay smaller percentage than you'd get with variations such as Joker Poker or Jacks or Better.

 The three video poker variations are the most popular ones. All other variants of video poker games stem from one of the three above and usually involve tweaking the pay table in certain way. Here are some other examples of variations of video poker:

Double Bonus Video Poker Bonus Video Poker Deluxe

You can see that in the "double bonus poker" variation, it's basically a Jacks or Better video poker machine, but certain 4 of a Kind pay out more, i.e. four Aces pay out 800 coins, while four Kings will pay only 225 coins. The same idea applies with the "bonus poker deluxe" example, there a 4 of a Kind pays out more than a Straight Flush, but 2 Pairs pay the same as Jacks or Better.

 And finally, we will close the video poker variations guide with a twist  - the multi-hand video poker. While it's not really a variation of video poker, more like an option, it's still worth mentioning. Some variants of video poker games have the option of multi-hand play, most often at the internet casinos, than at the offline casinos. This option let's you play multiple identical first-draw hands of poker at the same time. Here is what a 10-hand Jacks or Better looks like:

First Draw Second Draw

As you can see from the examples above, when playing 10-hand poker in the first draw you hold the cards throughout all 10 hands, while in the second draw each hand is drawn individually. Some multi-hand variations could have as many as 100 hands.

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