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Internet casino with the biggest bonus, casinos with largest bonuses

As we like to say, the bonus offers are the strongest suit of the internet casinos. That's why it's no surprise that there are plenty of people searching daily for the internet casino with the biggest bonus. Our goal has always been to provide our readers with accurate information and do it fast, but this time we need to talk a bit about the bonuses before we can vote on which is the largest bonus online casino. See, the problem here is that there are two major ways you can describe the bonus - by the dollar amount or by the percentage. Check out our guide on how the casino bonus works to learn more about each individual type, so we will assume you have the basic knowledge of the casino bonus as we discuss this further.

 For those of you who just want to learn which internet casino has the biggest bonus, you can see the current ranking below. We update this list as the bonuses the casinos offer change, so come back here regularly or bookmark this page for future reference.

    Biggest bonus by amount   Biggest casino bonus as percentage
Bonus details   $10,000   400%
Casino Website   @ Slots Jungle   @ Lucky Red

 As you can see, there are two ways to determine the internet casino with the biggest bonus - one can either opt for the biggest bonus by actual dollar amount or by percentage of the deposit the player makes. By looking at the table above we can clearly see that the amount bonus is quite sizable, $10,000 is indeed atop the largest bonuses the online casinos offer, but the actual percentage is only 250%, which is still rather big, but not the biggest. What this means? Basically, if you want to deposit $1,000 at one of the two casinos above, the internet casino with the biggest bonus by amount will give you only $2,500 in free casino chips, while the other casino, the one with the largest bonus by percentage, will give you an extra $4,000 to play with. Which of the two bonuses you choose is entirely up to you, but the rule of thumb is that the smaller your deposit amount - the better to go with the internet casino offering the biggest bonus as percentage of the deposit, rather than actual money amount.

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