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Online casino bonus explained: How does the casino bonus work

The online casino bonus is one of the best and most sought after feature of internet gambling, but one must understand how the casino bonuses work, before they take advantage of the free casino chips. Today you can visit any internet casino and it will always have a bonus offer for new customers, often referred to as a sign up bonus or welcome bonus. Then there are other forms of bonuses, those for existing players, as well as the loyalty points or comp points, which are yet another form of casino bonus. We will look at all three, while focusing on the sign up bonus and simply noting the difference between it and the other forms of bonuses the internet casinos offer.

 So, let's see how the casino bonus works and at the same time have the online casino bonus explained. There are two types of sign up bonuses one can find at the casinos - the free money bonus and the percentage bonus. To some - all bonuses are free money, but there is a difference. The free money bonus is exactly what the name suggests - free money. This bonus used to be very popular years ago and it's still popular with the gamblers, but not so much with the casinos themselves. In it's essence, the free money bonus is a certain amount of money the internet casino gives to the new customer after they sign up for a player account. It's usually a small amount of money, anywhere between $5 and $50, but the big difference is that the customer could use this bonus as he or she would use real money -  you can gamble with the money, you can withdraw your winnings, etc. Due to the very high occurrence of fraud with this type of bonus, nowadays the casinos usually shy away from offering it. There is still one that you can get here.

 Now, the most offered sign up bonus is without a doubt the percentage bonus. This is basically a match bonus based on the amount of money the player deposits when the sign up for a casino account. While this bonus offer is advertised by the casinos in money amounts, i.e. "Get $200 free", the actual bonus is calculated as a percentage of the deposit and the dollar amount (or any other currency) advertised by the casino is in most cases the maximum amount of free casino chips you can get. To take the previous example, if the online casino is advertising "$200 free" it often means that the maximum bonus the play can get is $200. Now, the bonus itself will be calculated as a percentage of the first deposit the new customer makes. It could be 100% or it could be just 50%. In the first case, if the customer deposits $100 - they will get an additional $100 free, but if they deposit $500 - they will only get $200, since the maximum free money they can get is $200. Therefore is very important to take a look at the promotions page of the internet casino to see how exactly is the percentage bonus calculated. If the casino is advertising "$1,000 free" - it doesn't mean that you will get $1,000 the minute you sign up with the gambling website. This type of large bonus is usually calculated on 100% match to your deposit, so you have to deposit $1,000 in order to get another $1,000 from the casino as a welcome bonus. Of course, there are exceptions, such is the case with Lucky Red Casino, where the customer can get 400% bonus on their deposits, so if the customer funds their account with $100, they will start playing with $500. To summarize about the casino bonus - remember that it is always calculated as a percentage of the deposit, rather than as a set amount of money.

 The welcome bonus is not he only promotion the online casinos have to offer to their customers. Existing players are not excluded when it comes to receiving free casino chips, although most internet casinos don't advertise the bonuses for existing customers all that much. After all - you are already a customer so they don't have to advertise to get you to sign up with them. But they have to keep you playing at their casino rather than going to the competition and this is where the ongoing bonuses come in. Each online casino will have different ongoing bonuses, i.e. bonuses for existing customers, but they usually consist of either percentage bonuses based on deposits, for example "50% bonus for deposits on Tuesday", or simply free money given to certain players in discretion of the management.

 Yet another form of ongoing bonus is the loyalty points or the comp points. Every good online casino will have a loyalty program, which gives back some of the money gambled to the customer, a form of cashback if you will. But unlike the cashback you may get from a credit card company, the loyalty points are not based on money lost (i.e. money spent, as is the case with credit cards), but on the chips gambled. For instance, if you made wagers worth $1,000 and the comp points program gives back 1 point for ever $10 wagered - you will have accumulated 100 points, regardless whether you actually lost the $1,000 or won some or drew even. Those loyalty points could later be converted to real casino chips and you can either withdraw them or play with them.

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