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What is so special about the internet casinos?

One of the questions not surprised to hear, especially being asked by people who have never gambled online, is "What is so special about the internet casinos?". This is indeed a good question, what made the online casinos, and internet gambling in general, so special, why are they so popular these days? Below we will give a few pointers we believe are the main reasons the internet casinos are so popular today.

 First and foremost, we think the online casinos are "so special" because of simple convenience. In many countries, for example USA, gambling is not allowed country-wide, rather each individual state decides on whether to allow casinos, poker rooms, sports betting, etc. And for many residents of certain states, the only offline gambling option is to travel across state borders, spending lots of time and money just getting to the casino. Meanwhile the internet casinos are just a click away - if you have a computer and internet connection, you have met all the prerequisites to gambling on the web. Not to mention that one can save thousands by avoiding the travel costs associated with popular gambling destinations like Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

 Some opponents of internet gambling will take this convenience of the online casinos and try to spin it as a bad thing, claiming that such convenience could lead to losing more money. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many internet casinos voluntarily created programs to allow people to ban themselves from the casino, helping problem gamblers by simply allowing them to cut access to the online casino. Another benefit is the simple fact that the internet casinos allow for a very small weekly deposits. The average amount a gambler could spend at the internet casinos is about $2.500 per week. Compare this number with the no-limit spending at the offline casinos and you can see how those claiming that the online casinos lead to more spending are full of hot air.

 Another major feature that makes the internet casinos so special is the welcome bonus and ongoing bonuses the players get once they join one of the top internet casinos listed on our home page. You can compare the bonuses offered by the Microgaming casinos here and the bonuses by the USA online casinos here and see for yourself how much money people could get for free by just making their first deposit at the internet casino. Of course, there are playthrough requirements, you can read all about the bonus and playthrough requirements on our casino guides page. In a nutshell, the internet casinos will match the customer's first deposit at the gambling website by certain percentage, usually at least 100%, i.e. doubling your bankroll (at the very minimum) right away. Free casino chips like that are simply not an option at the land-based casinos.

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