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Bonus wagering requirements at the internet casinos (play-through requirements)

Casino bonuses are amazing, but don't forget about the wagering requirements The online casino bonuses are one of the most popular features of the internet casinos, but just like everything else in life, there is no free lunch and there are some strings attached to almost all of the online casino bonus offers. Those requirements are known as playthrough requirements or wagering requirements and here we will help you understand and meet those bonus wagering requirements.

 Let's begin with an explanation of the play-through bonus requirements you may encounter when playing at the internet casinos. Almost every bonus the online casino offers comes with those wagering requirements, except those bonuses that are specifically excluded from it, such as comp points or a special bonus given to you by the casino management without any wagering requirements attached. The rest of the bonus offers do have playthrough requirements.

 In its basic, the play-through requirement is a certain amount of casino chips that must be wagered before the winnings and the bonus could be withdrawn by the player. The internet casinos attach those wagering requirements to their bonuses in order to avoid bonus abuse. If the casino simply gave you 100% match bonus, for example, on your first deposit, without any play-through requirements - why would you even play? You would simply withdraw your deposit and the bonus and hit the next casino. In order for the online casinos to be able to give you free casino chips and at the same time to ensure that you would actually patronize the casino, they add those wagering requirements to the bonus.

 How do the casino bonus wagering requirements work? They could be rather simple or quite complex, depending on the online casino, the bonus in question and other factors. But the very basic idea behind the bonus play-through requirements at the internet casinos is that the amount of the bonus+deposit must be wagered certain amount of times before the player could withdraw any winnings and/or the bonus they have received by the gambling site. Here is also the best place to note that certain casino games are either excluded from counting towards the wagering requirements or are counted as a smaller percentage towards meeting those requirements. Wonder why? For instance, roulette is generally excluded from counting towards the wagering requirements since a player could simply bet on both black and red and come out even almost all the time, while the roulette bets the player have made add to the wagering amount. To avoid this trickery, the internet casinos exclude certain games from satisfying the playthrough requirements of their bonuses.

 Let's look at an example of how the playthrough requirements work. The welcome bonus at the Vegas Casino Online is currently 125% of your first deposit. Let's say a customer deposits $100, which would make the starting bankroll go up to $225 ($100 deposit +$125 bonus). The wagering requirements at this particular internet casino are 30x(deposit+bonus), except blackjack and video poker. Following the example above, the player must wager 30x$225 or $6750, before they can withdraw the bonus and the winnings, if any. This may sound like a lot of money, but the fact is that it's just a wagering requirement, not a loss-requirement. In other words, both the winning bets and the losing bets (and the push-bets) count towards satisfying the abovementioned amount. Not to mention that the longer you play, the more compo points you will accumulate, but this is a topic for another discussion.

 So how do you meet the casino bonus wagering requirements? Simply you need to play longer or win more. We understand that this is easier said than done, but there are some games that are best for meeting the wagering requirements of the online casino bonuses The video slots ought to be your best bet for meeting the wagering terms and conditions, but we often prefer to recommend the gamblers to give the progressive jackpots of the slot machines a shot. Not only they count towards the play though requirements of the bonus, but they also give you the chance to win really big, while mostly using the casino's money to do so. We even know people who have actually won a progressive jackpot with bonus money.

 At closing, we must caution player one more time about the bonus wagering requirements of the internet casinos. Always make sure that you not only read the bonus offer itself, but the terms and conditions that come with it. As we already noted, some games are excluded from satisfying the bonus play-through, while others would count by just a fraction compared to the other games.

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