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Benefits of online casinos vs. land based casinos

There are plenty of benefits for the gambler in playing at the online casinos vs. the land based casinos. We won't be able to list all of them and some of the benefits are specific to the individual, but a number of main benefits could be applied across the board and we will talk about those major benefits below.

 The bonus - while some land based casinos are slowly catching up to the idea of a welcome bonus for new players, the online casinos remain the king when it comes to getting a large amount of free money just for patronizing a casino for the first time. Some offline casinos nowadays offer extra comp points to people who get a casino comp card for the first time, but no one can match the real money bonuses the internet casinos are more than happy to give to every new customer that walks through their virtual doors. If you take a look at our list of casinos you will find gigantic bonus offers in the thousands of dollars. Something like this is impossible to find at the land based casinos.

 Time=money - the old saying that time equals money is true in this scenario, as well. Since almost none of us have a casino built in their backyard, going to a land based casino is a time consuming process and costs a lot of money. Many people combine vacations with gambling, but the truth is that visiting a casino during your vacation is eating away from the time you could've spent with your family or just doing once in a lifetime activities. Even if you just want to go gamble at the nearest casino on the weekend - you still have to spend time driving and money fueling etc and we have all seen the gas prices lately. With the easy access the online casinos offer - you could use the hours you would otherwise drive to the landbased casino, as well as the money you would spend getting there and put them to better use. No matter what the government or special interest groups may say - people who gamble love to gamble, just like people who love to go to concerts or those who prefer to eat out, it's another form of entertainment. Many people find out that by gambling online they could "scratch the itch" and save time and money doing so.

 Better odds and chances of winning - in the long term, the online casinos (the honest and reputable ones) have better odds for the player and offer better chances of winning. The land based casinos have a lot of overhead and someone has to pay for it. Buildings, maintenance, drinks, personnel - the list of overhead of the offline casinos is a mile long. And while table games have pretty much set house edge, the slots and other games offer much smaller chance of winning compared to the internet casinos. This gives the online casinos the chance to offer better payouts and much larger jackpots, and the players are the beneficiaries of this rivalry. Not to mention that the saving of credit card fees alone could make one a very rich person. If you have had to withdraw cash at a land based casino you know very well how high are the fees.

 We can go on and on about the many benefits the online casinos offer over the land based casinos, but this would make for one very long list. As you can see from just the top three major reasons above - the internet casinos are the clear winner, when it comes to benefits to the player.

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