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Casino Deposit Methods: How to deposit at the internet casinos

 The internet casinos are fun and convenient, but that convenience goes right out the door when customers, especially those from the USA, are faced with the depositing options available to them and the fun could quickly be substituted by frustration. At most USA casinos, depositing money to fun your player's account has become a real chore and a hit-and-miss at best. Today we will look at the most popular ways of funding your casino account and how each of those casino depositing methods work.

Credit Cards || Convenience: High | Risk: Low

 With the ever increasing popularity of using plastic to pay for thing throughout the world, there is no surprise that the convenience of the credit card has reached the internet casinos, as well. We also put the debit cards issued by many banks in the category of the credit cards, since all that matters to the payment processors of the casinos (and other online merchants) is the logo on the card. Generally, both the debit and credit cards are treated equally. The credit cards offer fast, easy, convenient and safe way to buy chips at the internet casino, but that same safety is a double-edged sword. A lot of casinos are either opting out completely or are lowering the limits of money one can deposit via a credit card and the credit card companies themselves will often simply decline to process transactions to and from gambling websites, because of the high incidence of fraud (as compared to more traditional online businesses). People in the USA are in even worse shape, having to choose from a very small pool of casinos taking credit cards and no relief in sight for this issue. But for the players, there is no easier depositing method than the credit card.

 E-check, ACH Deposit || Convenience: High | Risk: Medium

 If convenience is a concern, e-checks are second best. Just like many people write a check at the store to pay for a purchase and the store in turn electronically processes that check, players can add funds to their casino accounts. In today's economy, long gone are the times when checks had to be taken to the bank by the business to get cashed. Now the business electronically places a debit on your account for the check amount and the entire process is very similar to using a credit card. But as we always caution our visitors, make sure you only gamble at reputable internet casinos. Giving bank information to a rogue casino is not the best idea and may result in wasting a lot of time taking care of disputed charges, should your account information fall into the wrong hands.

 E-Wallets || Convenience: Medium | Risk: Low

 The e-wallets are the next big thing in the online casino industry. Ever since credit cards became a chore for both the casinos and the customers, e-wallets came to be a bridge between the two parties. The workings of an e-wallet are rather simple. The e-wallet account acts like a virtual wallet, once you open an account you can fund it using various methods, such as credit card, bank account, another e-wallet, etc., then use the e-wallet account itself to deposit money at the casino. One can use an e-wallet much the same way people use phone cards, i.e. you don't send the money directly to the  phone company when you want to make a call, but purchase a card first and then use the card to pay for the call.

 We arbitrary divide the e-wallets in two groups, general e-wallets and casino-specific e-wallets. General e-wallets are popular solutions like Neteller and Skrill, which can be used at many internet casinos, although they do not serve US players. A player from the UK, for example, can use Neteller or Skrill at one casino to deposit and can withdraw their winning to that same e-wallet account from a different casino site. They are very convenient and can be funded in many ways. The second group are casino-specific e-wallets, i.e. they would work only at a specific casino or group of casinos. Examples of casino-specific e-wallets are MST Card and MyPayLinQ. These are very popular with internet casinos serving USA players, since in America most credit card deposits are declined by the banks. With both types, the convenience is a bit diminished due to the fact that the casino player must first open and fund an e-wallet account and then deposit at the casino.

 Person to Person (P2P) || Convenience: Low | Risk: Low

Another way some internet casinos accept deposits is via Person to Person (P2P) transactions. Those could be money orders, MoneyGram, WesternUnion, etc. We are unsure of the legality of such methods, never mind that the convenience is extremely low, since players have to do a lot of work before getting their casino chips. This casino deposit method appears to be geared towards people who don't have a bank account or credit card and can only work with cash. The fees also seem to be quite high, although some casinos claim that they will cover them as part of one's deposit.

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