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Blackjack Strategy: List of blackjack strategies

There are many blackjack strategies but today we will look at the most successful blackjack strategies related to what to do with the hands in front of you, the so-called hit or stand strategy. Below you will find the general guide to whether to hit or stand when certain hand are dealt to you.

Ace Strategies:

Hard Ace (i.e. the ace counts as 1 instead of 11)

  • if your total is 17 or more - always stand

  • if your hand is between 12 and 16 - always stand if the dealer's card is less than 7, otherwise hit

  • if you have 11 or less - hit (or double if the dealer is showing 2-9 and you have 11 or 10)

Soft Ace (the ace counts as 11 instead of 1)

  • if your total is 17 or less - hit

  • if your total is 18 or more - stand

When to split strategies - it is common rule that one should always split aces and that two 5s or two 10s should never be split, since the chances of beating the dealer with those totals is much better than if you split them. Most people also split 8s, since two 8s make for one of the worst totals you can get.

 Double Down blackjack strategies: Rule of thumb is that totals of 10 and 11 present the best chance for doubling down. Overall every third double down on those totals will result in either 20 or 21, thus this is a great opportunity to double your bet. In some situations, however, the more sensible choice would be to hit rather than double down.  If you have a total of 11 and the dealer shows ace or if you have a total of 10 and the dealer shows and ace or a 10 you are better off just hitting, for any other card the dealer may show - double down.

 And finally - the blackjack strategies for the worst possible scenarios, namely if your total is between 12 and 16. The best way to combat these awful totals is by following these strategies:

  •  if the dealer is showing 2 through 6 - stand

  • if the dealer shows 7 through ace - hit

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